Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Smooth Criminal

It is a cold, cruel world out there.
So this blog is about feeding myself, right?

Proving that I am (mostly) taking care of myself in regards to sustenance?

Not simply letting myself waste away on 99-cent Crazy Bread from Little Caesars (except on Mondays)?
homemade crazy crazy bread
somehow this is not me, even though it sure looks like it

Turning a combination of raw materials into something edible, for the purpose of this blog post, totally counts as cooking.

Look, Ma, I'm eating breakfast.
Smoothies are the easiest thing to do, really. Some combination of frozen fruit mix + bruised bananas + yogurt + honey + refined sugar + whatever old fruit/fruit juice is in the fridge, a couple seconds in the blender, and you have yourself a nutritious and fruity start to the day.

So that even when the morning looks like this:

Your breakfast can look like it's summer:

All thanks to the wonders of freezing and trucking.
God Bless America.

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